Miles for Matthew:

Matthew’s neuro-surgeon, Dr. Tony Avellino has commited to running in a ULTRA-MARATHON this coming October to raise money for the Matthew Metcalf Memorial Scholarship fund at Life Christian Academy in Tacoma, Washington. The goal is that someday both a boy and a girl will be able to attend Life Christian that may not otherwise be able to afford it. We welcome your support ! Means of making donations to follow.


Fathers Day again??

Even though one son left me eight and a half years ago, I still consider myself the father of TWO sons. Matthew left HUGE footprints during his short life and Stephen is growing into a fine young man. I am sure that he too be a “difference maker” during his life.


What do you think??

I welcome any comments from those of you who have read the book. Let me know how it has influenced your life. Tahnks, Dan


God doesn’t promise us tomorrow.

Matthew taught me to take in the beauty surrounding us every day! He could see more with his one good eye than I could see with two ! He gulped in life! Never take today forgranted it could be yor last. Never put off letting loved ones know that yo love them. Hug your kids every chance you get. You can’t over do it!! Dan


The joy of being Matthews father.

People always say that they can’t imagine the pain of losing a child and I always say that  I hope that they NEVER know that pain. Even though the pain never goes away, it does become manageable.  We now are able to talk about funny things Matthew did rather than just the pain of missing him. Dan


He Chose Joy!: The Story of Matthew Metcalf

He Chose Joy! shows Matthew’s zest for life and his faith. My son had the heart of a lion and the faith of a saint. He was reached for God and lived large.

I wrote Matthew’s story because I wanted people to know him even after he was gone. At first, it was probably therapy for a grieving father. So far we can’t solve cancer, but stories like Matthew’s, showing his tremendous faith, can help us get through it.

Matthew’s story shows readers that bad things can happen to good people, but that with God’s help, you can get through the hard times. God is able.

Live every day like it’s your last.

Love with all your heart.

Laugh out loud, and laugh often.

The most challenging part about writing the story of my son’s life and battle with cancer was fighting my emotions as I got the words on the page. On the flip side, the most rewarding aspect is now having people tell me how it affects them. It has been amazing to see how my son touched so many lives for good and for God.